Showreel 2023
This is a compilation of motion design projects I've been working on from 2021 until now. I carefully selected what I believe are the best frames from these projects.
Motion Design
NAPK - Explainer videos
I was asked to create an 8 part series of educational yet quirky videos covering all the ins & outs involving the field of performing arts.​​​​​​​
Motion Design, Explainer Video
FBC's Brand Identity
Four Bent Corners is a filmstudio ran By Richard Patterson and Sarina Dimento. I had the honour of designing their new brand identity. Including an energetic typography reel displaying all their services.
Logo Design, Brand Identity, Motion Design
Yoogo - Explainer video
Yoogo asked me to turn their complex process into a clear video. So, I brought in some metaphorical imagery, added some data visualization, and even created a cast of characters to help tell the story.
Motion Design, Animation, Character Design
Coty - Corporate Video
I teamed up with FBC to craft a corporate video for Coty, showcasing its heritage, portfolio, and mission. Utilizing archival footage dating back to the 1960s, we took viewers on a journey through Coty's history.
Motion Design, Title Design
Cousins Podcast - Intro
I collaborated with Yve-Ent. on a podcast intro for The Study Group's 'Cousins'. Yve-Ent. handled filming/editing, and I added dynamic motion graphics, incorporating footage and textures for an "always in progress" feel.
Video Manipulation, Motion Design,
Sense Logo
There once was a logo that needed a redesign. Sense was the name of the foundation that needed a new face. Every Dutch kid that gets sex education is gonna see this logo.
Logo Design, Graphic Design, Motion Design
Voices of Tolerance: Sleur
I led students in shaping and designing a campaign addressing loneliness among teens. The campaign consisted of a diverse mix of thought-provoking questions, relatable memes, video interviews, a card deck and a set of posters
Logo Design, Brand Identity
Life In The Fast Lane
The LITFL organisation put together an event with talks and performances. I had the pleasure to create the campaign and work my magic on the video titles.​​​​​​​
Advertising, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Showreel 2020
I began animating in 2015, and this showreel reflects my skill level as of 2020. It features my favourite frames from projects I've worked on since the beginning of my motion design journey.
Motion Design, Animation
Belvilla - Holiday Campaign
From the 1st and running through to the 24th of December, we unveiled a series of doors, each containing special surprises for Belvilla's social media followers. Participants had the chance to win various prizes.
Social Media Campaign, 3D Rendering, Concept
Geurwolkje - Packaging
With significant growth, Geurwolkje/Smellacloud expanded to include care products like massage oils, body lotion, and room sprays. I designed the packaging for all these products.
Packaging Design, Graphic Design
Playlist Thumbs
During weekends or on cozy nights, I've been honing my 3D skills by creating soothing thumbnails for all my playlists.
3D Rendering
Hunkering Open Air
I brought my magic to the table to design a vibrant campaign for a boat festival. The initial step involved crafting the festival's logo, followed by social creatives, and outdoor posters.
Graphic Design, Art Direction, 3D Rendering
Richting de Nieuwe Bijlmer
My role in this project was to craft a visual style for a docu series. It had to capture the unique coolness and the essence of a neighbourhood that inspires and empowers.
Motion Design, Typography
Brand Identity
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Character Design/ Animation/ Outdoor Campaign
Animation, Character Design, Motion Graphics
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