Deliverables: Logo Brand, manual, Logo Animation
There once was a logo that needed a redesign. Sense was the name of the foundation that needed a new face. Every Dutch kid that gets sex education is gonna see this logo.
Sense is a platform funded by the Dutch government. Sense has one very important mission. To offer support to young adults with topics like love, sex, sexuality and safety. They offer chat support, phone support, video calls consults, STD tests and a huge knowledge base.
Logo Breakdown
In essence, the Sense logo is a heart. Love is complex, and its meaning varies for different people and moments. However, worldwide, we agree that the heart is the right visualization for the feeling of love. The cutout (negative space) in the middle of the heart forms a twist. This twist initially represents the journey through love. Anyone who travels this path will encounter surprises and obstacles. The organic shapes in the logo represent the curves that together form the human body. Two bodies merging into one. This symbolizes various forms of touch: caressing, hugging, kissing, and intimacy. Simultaneously, it also represents the touch of a helping hand guiding you safely along the path of love. Sense is and provides this helping hand.
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