Hi there, I’m Jeffrey Goodett and I’m your guy for all things design.
I salut from Amsterdam, weaving my expertise in graphic design into captivating visual narratives. With a journey that started as a passion for aesthetics, I have transitioned to specialise in the dynamic realm of motion design.
My creative fingerprint boasts a bold, colourful and energetic signature. My ever evolving style is a fusion of confident experimentation. Smooth and clean shapes blended seamlessly with daring collages, breaking traditional design norms. Integrating precise 3D elements, I orchestrates bold, captivating pieces that captivate the eye and engage the senses. The occasional infusion of cel animation adds a fluidity that elevates my creations to an immersive experience.
In my world, every creation is an opportunity to learn about the craft, a chance to push boundaries, infuse creativity, and etch a piece of my soul onto the canvas. 
For collaborations, opportunities or a coffee, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.
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