The Bijlmer is an area in the Southeastern part of Amsterdam. This area was considered problematic because of poverty and crime. This has been decreasing since the 90s. In every tough situation people will find their way in education, sports or creativity. 
This is a documentary serie that follows the life of the new Bijlmer residence. All of them stand for progress and share how the neighborhood has helped them thrive.
It was up to me to come up with a visual style that matched their coolness. 

Director: Yve Baya 
Camera 1: Oscar Murphy 
Camera 2: Aldo Agaatsz 
Edit: Yve Baya 
Motion Graphics: Jeffrey Goodett
Color Grading: Aldo Agaatsz 
Concept & Production: YVE Ent.

Richting de Nieuwe Bijlmer Season 1, episode 1
Richting de Nieuwe Bijlmer Season 2, episode 1

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