Four Bent Corners is a filmstudio ran By Richard Patterson and Sarina Dimento. Two cool and bright people from the Big Apple, located in Amsterdam (where I met them). 
After years of motion designing for them I had the honour of designing their new brand identity. Including an energetic typography reel displaying all their services.
Scroll down to see a bit of the proces, the result, and the motion reel.
The company name "Four Bent Corners" is already super descriptive. Bold, Simple and recognisable with a 90s VHS aesthetic. Those are at the words that describe this logo. The name is written in a modified version of typeface Nimbus Sans Extended. If you bent four corners to a maximum you automatically get a perfect circle. This is what the dot stands for. Make it red and you have the classic 'recording' dot.
The name 'Four Bent Corners' also stands for the four corners in every corner of the viewfinder.
To take it even farther, you can abbreviate the name by writing it like 'FBC' with a red dot behind it. Now if you squint your eyes it looks like the little 'REC•' logo you see when you're recording something.
To me the promovideo was the most exciting part of this project. To design something from scratch, and then also to be the one bringing it to life with motion design. It's almost a reflection of everything I can do, bundled in one ultra exciting video.
Watch it below
and let me know what you think!
The colour scheme and typography are also aligned with the "Simple and recognisable, with a 90s VHS aesthetic" narrative.
Hunter Black, N.Y. Orange and white are the primary colours. Pampas as an alternative to white, for backgrounds. Also to create more life, because nothing is really white. Just like Hunter Black is not all black for the same reason. Wild Strawberry, Candlelight, and Scooter Blue are three bright colours that are contrasting to FBC's primary colours. 
Clear and Bold but stylish typography. These fonts are the corner stone of the Four Bent Corners identity.
This was one of the most exciting and complete projects I've worked on in 2021. 
Next up will be their website. Stay tuned!
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