The digital agency Ngrane is filled with designers, coders, writers and, creatives. Doers and thinkers. “we believe that when you face these challenges head-on, that’s when you achieve greatness. We want people to find their purpose, talent and passion. To grow from the challenge". People who love working together, while treasuring the unique forte's each of us has. This was the foundation of the merchandise by creating a clothing that people feel proud to wear and feel included the Ngrane community   

During this Ngrane also in the process of rebranding to which the whole team was included and collaborated on this project to make a merchandise to which will bringing people together in order for them to grow together. They believed " that people can achieve anything in an environment that values humanity and uniqueness. A place where everyone feels like they belong. Because when we can bring our full selves to work, that’s when great things happen”

The chosen words were taking out of essences based of Ngrane's new brand. It became more of a team experience embedded which each stroke of the letters. All expectation were achieve to which other people or clients wanted to be part of the Ngrane community 
design results
Creative Director / Photographer: David van Delden 
Executive Director: Stephen Garcia
Creative Leads: Daniëlle van der Schoot
Creative: Samantha  Mous
Strategist: Yannick Ersilia
Graphic Designers: myself and Jeffery Goodet

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