Client: Dave Redi
Deliverables: Album Cover
The upside of being in a lockdown is that I have had the space to talk to old friends again. This is how I got to reconnect with my old pal Dave.
He informed me he was working on a new album and after a couple of minutes of catching up, it was decided - I was gonna design the artwork. 
‘The feel good album’ is about how the pandemic has given Dave a moment of silence to deeply reflect on life and even reignited his passions for music.
Every song on this album describes a certain state of mind. All together they tell a story of appriciation. It was very easy for me to tune in on this vibe. My idea was to create a scene that visualizes what Dave's happy place would look like while making this album. This piece is packed with subtle hints to songs and you might even find a little easter egg 🤐.
This was the most fun I had in a while. I finally had the chance to put my Cinema 4D practice in working and I'm very pleased with the result.
Can you Spot the easter egg?


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