Titled "Actieplan Cultuur & Creatief Inclusief," the project's essence was its celebration of diversity and inclusivity, beautifully crafted by YVE Ent. Drawing inspiration from the captivating visuals of MTV award shows, my motion graphics wizardry added a dynamic and electrifying layer to the narrative, turning it into an immersive experience.
This project wasn't just about visuals; it was a testament to the power of art and inclusivity. With this dedicated team, "Actieplan Cultuur & Creatief Inclusief" had the potential to ignite a transformative spark in the world of culture and creativity, reminiscent of the mesmerizing energy of the MTV awards.
CLIENT: Actieplan Cultuur & Creatief Inclusief GENRE: Cultural DIRECTOR: Yve Baya D.O.P: Oscar Murphy PRODUCTION: YVE Ent. EDIT: Yve Baya Concept: YVE Ent. Motion Graphic: Jeffrey Goodett
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